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Re : unwind-protect

    Date: 3 Oct 88 07:08:04 GMT
    From: pierce@locus.ucla.edu

    ** Subject: unwind-protect
    ** Message-ID: <10180@eddie.MIT.EDU>
    ** Date: 3 Oct 88 03:41:57 GMT
    ** Sender: uucp@eddie.MIT.EDU
    ** Reply-To: jbs@fenchurch.MIT.EDU (Jeff Siegal)
    ** Organization: MIT EE/CS Computer Facilities, Cambridge, MA
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    ** How can one do something like UNWIND-PROTECT in Scheme?  Is the
    ** concept completely ill-defined in the presence of first-class
    ** continuations, or is there an idiom which "sometimes works?"
    ** Jeff Siegal

    Kent Dybvig's Chez Scheme has what seems to be a much more powerful construct
    called "dynamic-wind".  A brief sketch of its uses is given in Dybvig's
    "The Scheme Programming Language".

    -- Brad Pierce

Hmm.  How would unwind-protect be expressed with just call/cc?