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Re: Functional Programming Implementation

In article <3060@tekcrl.CRL.TEK.COM> kend@tekchips.CRL.TEK.COM (Ken Dickey)
>One interesting text I have not yet seen referenced is:
>	"Functional Programming", by A. Field & P. Harrison,
>	Addison-Wesley, 1988 ISBN 0-201-19249-7.
>It is heavy into Hope, [...]

True, but it has rather strange coverage of Lisp.  For some reason,
many logic programming and functional programming texts are perfectly
willing to present Pascal, Algol, etc. as they are actually used but
then take an approach to Lisp that has little to do with current
practice.  Often Lisp procedures, but no others, are written entirely
in upper case, and we are told that "everything is a list", etc.
This notion of Lisp is better suited to making certain points, but
tends to leave the impression that Lisp is not a very good language.

This book uses Peter Henderson's Lispkit but without (as far as I can
recall) any indication that Lisp might be significantly different.