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In article <8808102011.AA26849@renoir.Berkeley.EDU>, maddox@RENOIR.BERKELEY.EDU (William Maddox) writes:
> Is there anywhere on the net where I can FTP a copy of XSCHEME?
> XSCHEME is an implementation of Scheme by David Betz, author of XLISP,
> a small and highly portable Common Lisp (psuedo-)subset written in C.
> Bill Maddox
> ucbvax!renoir!maddox
> maddox@renoir.berkeley.edu

The latest XScheme is available on the Byte Information eXchange (BIX).
When I asked David Betz about posting XLisp to Usenet, he wrote that
eventually he wanted to post XScheme, but at the time (about a month ago)
XScheme was not finished enough (in his opinion) for posting. (Someone
beat me to the XLisp posting, so I haven't pursued the matter
further.  When David Betz is satisfied XScheme is post-able, I
certainly wouldn't mind submitting it to a sources moderator. For now,
your best bet is to try BIX.)

I've been very impressed with Betz's work, especially since
XLisp helped me through an AI course (being able to work on
a PC, Mac and Unix workstation with the same program certainly

What I'm hoping for now is an XProlog.


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