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Re: Non-upward-compatibility of Chez Scheme versions

In article <1709@kalliope.rice.edu> dorai@titan.rice.edu (Dorai Sitaram) writes:
>`define-macro!', the form used to define macros in older versions of 
>Chez Scheme [TM, Cadence Research Systems] is also provided in the current 
>version (along with the fancier `extend-syntax'/`with'). However, the older 
>version (v.1.1, 1985) seems more powerful (expressive) than the current one 
>(v.2.0.3, 1987)!

Just a side note: you seem to be saying that the define-macro! form is more
powerful than extend-syntax and with. This is not true. Extend-syntax can be
used to do 3-d programming (the technique you describe in your message), and
any macro. It is completely general.

John Gateley

p.s. Extend-syntax was created by Eugene Kohlbecker.