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[no subject]

Could you please foward the message given below to the right receipient
or provide me his/her correct e-address? The message should be addressed
to MIT AI LAB who is in charge of the lisp language Scheme.  
Possible names are: H. Abelson, R. Dybvig, C Haynes, G. Rozas, N. Adams, 
D. Friedman, E. Kohlbecker, G. Sussman, D. Bartley, R. Halstead,
D. Oxley, M. Wand, G. Brooks, C. Hanson, and K. Pitman.

I have been trying to send the message to the following address (given in
one of the manual) and couldn't get it through.


Appreciate in advance.


Recently we have installed the Scheme on the SUNs. We have not digested 
yet how to make complete use of it. Do you have any utility files that allow
us to manipulate property lists? We do not see them in "Revised3 Report
on the Algorithmic Language Scheme".  Also we wish to know if there is
any debugging functions.