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FTPing Oaklisp

A number of people have asked if I could mail them copies of Oaklisp, or
even send tapes.  I'm very sorry, but the answer is catagorically no; I
don't even have the time to answer such mail individually.  Perhaps some
kind person will post Oaklisp to comp.sources, solving this problem for
uucp people.  (I am willing to hand carry a tape to a warm clime, like
California, if you provide the transportation.)

I have also been deluged with mail concerning problems FTPing Oaklisp,
so I am posting more extensive instructions.  The correct way to FTP
Oaklisp is as follows:

    cd where/you/want/the/stuff
    ftp doghen.boltz.cs.cmu.edu           [or if necessary]
     user ftpguest                        [whatever your client likes here]
     password oaklisp                      [password is in lowercase]
     get oak/release.tar.Z release.tar.Z  [not a typo]
    uncompress release.tar.Z
    tar xf release.tar

NOTE: The ftp server on DOGHEN has a bug and fails if you try to switch
      directories, so don't use ftp's CD command.