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Re: vanilla Scheme code now or in future?

In article <7336@polya.Stanford.EDU> wilson@carcoar.Stanford.EDU (Paul
Wilson) writes: 
>Does anybody have any serious programs written in something *close*
>to vanilla Scheme?  I might write some compatibilty macros, etc.,
>and try to run some PC/Mac/Chez Scheme or T code, but I wouldn't
>want to work too hard at that.  (If it's too hairy, I'll just use
>a different language/processor.)

You might want to have a look to the FX-87 Interpreter, which
implements the FX-87 programming language designed by the Programming
Systems Research Group at MIT. It is mostly written in Scheme (> 95%)
with some additional support written in CommonLISP (mainly for
packages and hashtables); it runs on top of Jonathan Rees's
Pseudoscheme that macroexpands/compiles R3RS Scheme to CommonLISP. 
We made prototype portings to T and C-Scheme without major problems
but we don't make them publicly available (too tentative).

The FX-87 Interpreter is available by anonymous ftp (pub/fx/impl) on

Hope this helps,

Pierre Jouvelot
. CAI, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France (JOUVELOT@FREMP11.bitnet)