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unix xscheme

I've created a new xscheme.tar.Z for anonymous ftp on
labrea.stanford.edu.  This one includes unix compatibility files that
originate with Dave Betz.  Many thanks to David MacKenzie for sending
them to me.

I haven't tried them out yet - but he says they seem to work fine on
vanilla System V.

As to documentation, if someone wants to come up with at least a
brief functional description plus a list of procedure names, that
would be a Good Thing.


P.S. I suppose I should say the MIT Cscheme is also available from
various locations, not least from MIT itself.  I use it on machines
that already have it, but downloading a uuencoded version of it over a
slow phone line to my home box is not a viable proposition.  (uucp is
a dirty word around here apparently).