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Scheme semantics

   Date: 26 Jan 89 21:18:32 GMT
   From: schaefer!uhura!quale@csd4.milw.wisc.edu  (Douglas E. Quale)

   The R3RS section on formal semantics states that the semantic description
   was machine generated from an executable specification in Scheme.

   Are either of these programs still around? 
   Both Scheme semantic description and the translator might be of interest.

For the semantics, send a request to scheme-librarian@zurich.ai.mit.edu.
I think it's part of the MIT Scheme distribution, if you have that.

I wrote that fabled Scheme-to-TeX "uglyprinter", and it was far
 from perfect.  It didn't do a very good job of figuring out line
breaks or indentation, for example; I ended up doing almost all of
that by hand (took me several days).  I think I let the program slip
into oblivion when the MIT AI lab's TOPS-20 system went away.  You
could probably write a transliterator at least as good in an hour or