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EDWIN status check

   Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 08:47:25 PDT
   From: gyro@kestrel.arpa (Scott B. Layson)

   Last I heard, EDWIN (a text editor written in Scheme, by Chris Hanson
   if I remember correctly) was yet to be released.  What's the latest on

It's conceivable that it will be released this year, but that depends
on what kind of time I have available.  Right now we're busy getting
our compiler ready for release; after that I'll see.  I would be
willing, but reluctant, to give you a "current" copy: one that runs on
the 6.001 Chipmunks, under an older non-R3RS version of Scheme, taking
advantage of the screen hardware to avoid doing the hairy redisplay
computation.  But if you're willing to wait a while the released
version should work with X (and perhaps with terminals in general),
and many of the user-visible differences between Edwin and GNU Emacs
will have been eliminated.