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Past postings available

   Date: Wed, 11 Jan 89 08:26:22 PST
   From: shaff@sesame.stanford.edu (Mike Shaff)
	   Something went wrong with the net at Stanford for a period of time and
   I now find myself with the Scheme digest #40-45.  If anyone saved these, I
   would appreciate a copy!  (Also, if anyone has  #1-6 I would like a copy)

Since you're on the Internet, you can anonymously FTP the archives
 from mc.lcs.mit.edu.  The relevant file is LSPMAI; SCHEME MAIL.  (Note
spaces in file name.  You may have to use double quotes, depending on
the details of your FTP program.)  It's just a concatenation of all
messages since 16 Nov 1988, not divided into digests.  Messages prior
to that are on ai.ai.mit.edu in LSPMAI; SCHEME MAILxx for xx from 1 on