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Scheme->C a portable Scheme-to-C compiler

The Western Research Laboratory of Digital Equipment Corporation is
pleased to announce the availability of a new, experimental Scheme
compiler for research use on the VAX and DECstation 3100 (MIPS R2000
processor) computers.

The compiler compiles Revised**3 Scheme to C that is then compiled by
the native C compiler for the target machine.  This design results in
a portable system that allows either stand-alone Scheme programs or
programs written in both compiled and interpreted Scheme and other
languages.  An experiment run on a microVAX II suggests that this
approach does not adversely effect performance.  There, the system
was able to execute the Gabriel benchmarks with performance similar
to that of a native Common LISP implementation.

If you are a member of a research organization interested in this software,
please contact me for licensing information.

Joel Bartlett   bartlett@decwrl.dec.com