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Commercial/Industry use of Scheme

	In article <wXb7Spy00jaIIhWssR@andrew.cmu.edu lord+@andrew.cmu.edu 
	(Tom Lord) writes:
	Where can one earn a living exploring or extending Scheme?

My research group at Advanced Decision Systems uses Scheme exclusively
for our distributed computing research.  We have our own R3RS compiler
and runtime environment with extensions to support our research in 
object-oriented communications protocols, heterogeneous dynamic process 
migration, real-time distributed problem solving, use of advanced 
architecture computing systems, programming language research, and other
related topics.  (I can provide a literature reference or two if there is
more interest.)

Texas Instruments has a long and impressive track record in the use
and promotion of Scheme.  Surely they can represent their accomplishments
better than I, but as a brief synopsis: To my understanding, they use 
Scheme (and even teach it) internally; they sell a Scheme product (TI's
PC Scheme); and they remain active in the Scheme design definition effort.

Presumably the folks at Semantic Microsystems (I believe that's their name)
who market Scheme for the Macintosh do a significant amount of Scheme coding 
in the course of preparing their Scheme product, which in my estimation is
a first-class product.  [Excuse the pun]

There doubtless are other active commercial/industry Scheme users; perhaps
this note will entice them out of the woodwork.

						Andrew Cromarty
						Advanced Decision Systems