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Re: problems/risks due to programming language, stories requested

In article <6960@internal.Apple.COM> chewy@apple.com (Paul Snively) writes:
>We all know C programmers whose 
>machismo is thus huffed and puffed up (another of my personal opinions is 
>that the per capita arrogance of C programmers far outweighs the per 
>capita arrogance of any other language-aficionado group).

   Oh, really! I can tell you have never met any FORTH programmers.

>Well, I hate to say it, but it's extremely unlikely that such an error 
>would have been made in Pascal, since Pascal doesn't require you to 
>explicitly break from case...of constructs.

   Well isn't that special! The way I see it, C gives you the flexibility
   to not break if you don't want to, where PASCAL restricts you to break.

>Before the flames start,

   Too late!

> let me just add: no, I don't necessarily prefer Pascal over C for all tasks.

   The only place I can see to prefer PASCAL over C is a beginner programming
   class. Isn't PASCAL usually thrown out along with the diapers?
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