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Re: Functional / algebraic languages for DS3100

In article <1990Feb14.190515.4402@ncsuvx.ncsu.edu> jwb@cepmax.ncsu.edu writes:
>Apparently NJML is soon to be released for the pmax.  My
>question is `Are there any (currently available) alternatives?'
>By alternatives I mean a `modern' functional language with
>disjoint union data constructors, pattern matching, etc.
Yes, there are alternativers (at leaast one).  LML is available for
pmax.  You can get lml by (anonymous) ftp from skutt.cs.chalmers.se.
It's in the file pub/lml-0.95a.tar.Z.

Below is a short blurb on LML.

There will be a new release of LML available in a few weeks, but only
with minor differences.

	-- Lennart Augustsson

		New LML release (0.95)

There is now a new version of the LML compiler available.  It is,
naturally, free of charge.  The best way (both for us and for you) to
get a copy is via anonumous ftp to skutt.cs.chalmers.se (
where it is stored in pub/lml-0.95a.tar.Z.  Uncompress, untar, install,
and enjoy.  If you don't have access to the Internet and you don't
know anyone who has a copy of LML you can send us a tape or cartridge
and we'll put LML on.  This process takes time, since it involves
tedious work for us.  If you ftp a copy or get it from someone else,
please send us (electronic) mail message and tell us so!  It's nice to
know who has it.

The distribution take a lot of space.  Around 15 Mbytes in the uncompressed
version.  This is because it includes binary files for a lot of machines,
so most of this can be thrown way once you have unpacked it.

This may very well be the last LML version ever!  We hope that Haskell
will take over soon.

For those of you who have not heard of LML, here's a short introduction:
LML is a strongly typed, lazy, purely functional language.  The LML
system consist of a compiler in the traditional batch-oriented sense.
You give the compiler a file which it compiles and gives you an
executable file.  The compiler produces code that is reasonable enough
to write "real" programs, such as the compiler itself.  There are also
some primitives for I/O that allows you to write simple real time

The compiler runs on a number of machines, but only under UNIX (so
far).  The machines and OS on which LML runs today are:

	SUN3			SunOS 3.5
	SUN3			SunOS 4.0
	Sequent Symmetry	Dynix 3.0.12
	Sequent Balance		(this version has not been used for a
				while, but probably works)
	VAX			BSD 4.3
	CRAY XMP		Unicos
	DECstation 3100		Ultrix
	SUN4			SunOs 4.0

The distribution contains binaries and source (in LML) for the
compiler and some contributed programs, as well as some documentation.

If you have any problems send us a mail.

	Lennart Augustsson		Thomas Johnsson

	augustss@cs.chalmers.se		johnsson@cs.chalmers.se

	Department of Computer Sciences
	Chalmers University of Technology
	S-412 96 Gothenburg


	-- Lennart Augustsson
Email:	augustss@cs.chalmers.se