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Need brief documentation of extend-syntax

I am interested in developing macros and special forms in PC Scheme that
will simplify the porting of source code between Scheme and Common Lisp.
I have already had some success with this, using the extend-syntax
source file bundled with TI PC Scheme. However, the documentation for
this is practically nil.

I know there is a book, I believe by Dybvig (sp?), that covers this
topic, and hope to purchase it someday. For now, though, I am looking
for some brief documentation on extend-syntax that will take me farther
than I have been able to get on my own. For example, I know there is a
'with' form, but have no idea what it can be used for. Anything at all
would be more than I have now. Thanks much for anything!

Also, if there are others working on this type of project, I would be
interested in corresponding.

And a big *thank you* to whoever started this Scheme newsgroup!

Doug Pierce
Michigan State