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MIT-Scheme documentaion question

   Date: 9 Feb 90 05:16:59 GMT
   From: "James S. Vera" <shelby!vera%fanaraaken.Stanford.EDU@decwrl.dec.com>

   I just pulled MIT-Scheme Release 7 off of gatekeeper and was
   disappointed to discover that the accompanied manual has several large
   gaps, namely large(?) chunks of sections 8 (OS Features), 9 (Syntax
   Transducers), 10 (User Interface) and all of section 11 (Debugging

   My question is basicly "What's Up?", to which I see a number of
   possible answers:

   4)  "These sections aren't written yet, but will be Real Soon Now"

This is the correct answer, for some value of RSN.  I created those
sections of the manual when I was working on it as an outline for what
remained to be done, but then I ran out of steam long before the thing
was finished.

I don't expect to resume writing that manual any time soon.