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Re: X bindings in Scheme?

In article <2891@draken.nada.kth.se> huss@nada.kth.se (H}kan Huss) writes:
>rather easy. Some systems also provide interfaces to the toolkit
>layers of X. In our opinion, however, the main question is not
>the feasibility, but rather the desirability of this approach. We
>believe that the C interface is not suited for direct use from Scheme.

I agree that the xlib layer is too low-level for lisp programming ...
that's why I like my UI components implemented in C.  I've found
WINTERP to be plenty fast -- As long as I'm not forcing XLISP to
perform lots of grinding and garbage generating operations. THose
should be written in C. I may prototype low level routines in XLISP,
but the ones that matter end up in C. IMHO, hybrid programming is the
way to go.

So H}kan, are saying that the compiling scheme system is fast enough?
I guess I need to read Bartlett's paper...

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