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   I just looked at the sources of MIT-Scheme because I thought of porting
   it to an Amiga. (Yes, yes, I know, you are only working on REAL computers.
   But I think there are many students who have an Amiga and want to have
   a scheme for it. At least in Dortmund there is a demand for scheme on
   an Amiga as the beginner's course is about scheme.)

   The problem is that your scheme is very big (maybe huge is the better
   word) so there is no possibility to transfer it to my Amiga. I must
   copy it via kermit to an ST and after that it can be copied to my Amiga -
   for all sources this would take hours.

   So my question: Is there any smaller version of MIT-Scheme. If yes: where
   can I get it? Or do you know anyone who tried to port Scheme to an Amiga?

   Sorry for my horrible English, thank you for your interest, ciao



   Holger Muenx                  muenx@heike.informatik.uni-dortmund.de
   Universitaet Dortmund
   4600 Dortmund