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Re: Extend-syntax sources

In article <1990Jan30.142352.17622@sun.soe.clarkson.edu> jk0@image.soe.clarkson.edu (Jason Coughlin) writes:
>Does anyone have sources for extend-syntax? 
> ...
>(The problem is that I'm going to build extend-syntax into my interpreter
>and want to do with C code.  Trying to re-write that Scheme code is
>turning into a major ordeal).

The best source to understand a (simple) extend-syntax processor and
how to build it is Eugene Kohlbecker's original publciation:

Kohlbecker, E. and M. Wand.  Macro-by-example: deriving syntactic
transformations from their specifications.  In Proc. 14th ACM
Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, 1987, 77--85.

The most complete description of extend-syntax todate is Kohlbecker's

Kohlbecker, E. Syntactic Extensions in the Programming Language Lisp.
Ph.D. dissertation, Indiana University, 1986.

-- Bruce Duba & Matthias Felleisen