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Re: Extend-syntax sources

>Does anyone have sources for extend-syntax?  I have 2 copies: one
>bundled with PC-Scheme and one bundled with MIT-Scheme.  However,
>the code in them (originally written by R. Kent Dyvbig [sp]) is
>REAL dense.  I'm looking for either the original (not twisted to fit
>on PC-Scheme or MIT-Scheme) from Dyvbig [sorry about that] or a
>version no quite so dense.  Any ideas?

I have made three implementations of extend-syntax available on
iuvax.cs.indiana.edu for anonymous ftp.  The files are:

    pub/extend-syntax.ss:  Chez Scheme source code for extend-syntax
    pub/mitscheme-extend-syntax.ss: MITScheme compatible version
    pub/simple-extend.ss: simpler version

The first two are certainly dense.  The third is much simpler, though
the file I found it in was three years old so it may be somewhat out of
date.  The mitscheme version is a port of a slightly older version of
the Chez Scheme source code that didn't handle quasiquote within "with"
clauses properly.

If someone will send me current versions for MacScheme or PCScheme, I
will be happy to make them available for ftp access as well.

Kent Dybvig

R. Kent Dybvig                 | Computer Science Department
dyb@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu       | Indiana University
812/855-6486                   | Bloomington, IN 47405