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Re: Questions about PC-Scheme

 From article <7774@sdcsvax.UCSD.Edu>, by sudbeck@beowulf.ucsd.edu (David Sudbeck):
> Can any in the Scheme community answer a few questions about PC-Scheme
> for me?
> 1) Is there a command in the EDWIN editor to do global replaces of
> text?

I can't comment on EDWIN because I don't use it.  However, I use EMACS
*A LOT*, and you might want to get a real Emacs for the PC.  Since you
asked about ftp, ftp to sun.soe.clarkson.edu and grab a copy of
freemacs.  Freemacs is a pretty good implementation of Emacs for the
PC (and it's FreeWare :-).

Jason Coughlin ( jk0@sun.soe.clarkson.edu , jk0@clutx )
"Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the
part that isn't thinking isn't thinking of." - They Might Be Giants