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Re: () as an expression

 From article <5413@tekcrl.LABS.TEK.COM>, by kend@tekchips.LABS.TEK.COM (Ken Dickey):
> Note also that #f and '() may be distinct in newer Scheme
> implementations [the value of (eq? '() #f) is currently unspecified]. 

This leads to another point: I think we need a definitive answer on
whether #f == ().  In my Scheme, #f and () are two different entities. 
I like this because in my mind, #f != ().  #f is boolean, () is an empty

So what say you about:
(BOOLEAN? '())
(NULL? '())
(EQ? '() #f)
Jason Coughlin ( jk0@sun.soe.clarkson.edu , jk0@clutx )
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