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Re: Texas Instruments PC Scheme

In article <17909@super.ORG> pcolsen@super.UUCP (Peter C Olsen) writes:

} I found this out only by accident --- I used another computer with V3.03.
} I've written TI twice about upgrades, and they have yet to answer.  Are they
} still in business???!!?  

Well, they even developed a version 4.0.  It is bundled with one of their
expert system shells.  But it wasn't developed only by TI.  There was
another company working on the code.  Perhaps this prevents TI from
distributing version 4.0.

My software dealer here in the Federal Republic of Germany sells version
3.03 for 330 DM.  I can give his address to you.

or via Bitnet: doitcr!floenz1!flo@tmpmbx.uucp