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Compiling Scheme (Summary)

This is quite a hot issue so I thought I'd post a summary of what I
received.  Thanks to everyone who gave me a lead!

The best I've found so far is in _Structure and Interpretation and
Computer Programs_ by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, and Julie
Sussman.  This is a GREAT book that IMHO should be used to teach
undergrad Programming Languages courses.

Anyway, enjoy!

From: Ozan Yigit <oz@nexus.yorku.ca>
	* The best reference on compiling scheme appears to be SIofCP
	of Abelson & Sussman. 
	* Also check out xscheme 
	* Allen's "Anatomy Of Lisp" also has a

From: Matthias Felleisen <matthias@rice.edu>
	* You may want to look at a paper by Will Clinger in the proceedings of
Lisp & Functional Programming 1984. His paper on deriving a byte-code
compiler for Scheme has some title like "An exercise in denotational
semantics." The resulting system, Scheme 311, was used at Indiana for
a few years.

	* If you want the code of a byte-code compiler for unix
machines and you have FRANZ LISP, write to nlg@indiana.iuvax.cs.edu
and ask whether they still distribute Scheme84.  I have a revision of
Scheme84, called Scheme88, that is pretty much the same thing (a bit
cleaner inside, but not much) except that it uses Common Lisp for the
interpretation of byte-code.

From: Denys Duchier <duchier-denys@YALE.ARPA>
	* Check Guy Steele's thesis (RABBIT a compiler for scheme) (MIT)

	* also David Krantz's thesis (ORBIT, an optimizing compiler for
	scheme) (YALE).

From: Simon Leinen <simon%opal.cs.tu-berlin.de%tub.BITNET@clvm.clarkson.edu>

here comes a list of references to books and articles about the
problem of compiling Scheme or Lisp.  I don't know whether it is
correct `refer' syntax.  I distributed the following keywords of my
own creation:

scheme  - concerned with scheme rather than lisp
lisp    - concerned with lisp rather than scheme
commonlisp - maclisp/common lisp (more like scheme)
standardlisp - psl/cambridge etc. (less like scheme, e.g. no closures)
compiler - all articles deal with compilation (more or less)

%A R. R. Kessler
%A J. C. Peterson
%A H. Carr
%A G.P. Duggan
%A J. Knell
%A J.J. Krohnfeldt
%T EPIC - a retargetable, highly optimizing Lisp compiler
%J Proc. Sigplan 1986 Sym. on Compiler Construction
%D June 1986
%C New York
%P 118-130
%K lisp standardlisp compiler

%A D. Kranz
%A R. Kelsey
%A J. Rees
%A P. Hudak
%A J. Philbin
%A N. Adams
%T ORBIT: an optimizing compiler for Scheme
%J Proc. Sigplan '86 Sym. on Compiler Construction
%D June 1986
%C New York
%P 219-233
%K scheme compiler

%A G. L. Steele Jr.
%T RABBIT: a compiler for Scheme
%R AI Memo 474
%C Massachusetts Institute of Technology
%D May 1978
%K scheme compiler

%A R. A. Brooks
%A R. P. Gabriel
%A G. L. Steele Jr.
%T An optimizing compiler for lexicaly scoped LISP
%J Proc. 1982 Sym. on Compiler Construction
%D June 1982
%V 17
%N 4
%K lisp commonlisp compiler

%A R. A. Brooks
%A R. P. Gabriel
%A G. L. Steele Jr.
%T S-1 Common Lisp implementation
%J Proc. 1982 Sym. on Lisp and Functional Programming
%D August 1982
%C New York
%K lisp commonlisp compiler

%A O. Shivers
%T Control flow analysis in Scheme
%J Proc. Sigplan 1988 Conf. on Programming Language Design and Implementation
%D 1988
%C New York
%K scheme compiler

%A R. A. Brooks
%A D. B. Posner
%A J. L. McDonald
%A J. L. White
%A E. Benson
%A R. P. Gabriel
%T Design of an optimizing, dynamically retargetable compiler for Common Lisp
%K lisp commonlisp compiler

%A R. P. Gabriel
%T Performance and evaluation of Lisp systems
%I MIT Press
%C Cambridge, Mass.
%D 1985
%K lisp compiler

%A M. L. Griss
%A A. C. Hearn
%T A portable LISP compiler
%J Software Practice and Experience
%N 11
%D 1981
%P 541-605
%K lisp standardlisp compiler

Jason Coughlin ( jk0@sun.soe.clarkson.edu , jk0@clutx )
"Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the
part that isn't thinking isn't thinking of." - They Might Be Giants