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Re: Prolog interpreter in LISP wanted

In article <3841@brazos.Rice.edu> dorai@titan.rice.edu (Dorai Sitaram) writes:
>convenient to all concerned if I made it ftp'able from Rice, rather
>than clog the net.
>Procedure: ftp titan.rice.edu (as anonymous)
>	   get public/slog.sh
>slog.sh is a shar file, and contains two implementation files (slog.ss

Drew Adams of Laboratoires de Marcoussis, France, very graciously
informs me that the name "slog" is already used and probably
copyrighted for a functional/logic language developed by his lab since

To avoid complications, I've changed the name of the Prolog-in-Scheme
embedding to "schelog," and hopefully this is a safe name.  The file
to ftp is now schelog.sh, but I've retained a soft link to it called
slog.sh, so my previous instructions still remain valid for would-be

My thanks to Drew for letting me know.  By the way, "schelog" is
pronounced "Ski Lodge," of course.

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles.