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Miranda release 2

                *** ANNOUNCEMENT ***

                Miranda - Release Two

Miranda is a lazy functional language with polymorphic strong typing and
a  simple  but powerful module system.  This is to inform anyone who may
be interested to know that a major new release of the Miranda system  is
now  available,  incorporating  a  number  of  improvements  - including
parameterised modules, unbounded size integers, and local  polymorphism,
as  well  as a substantially faster implementation.  It runs on a number
of machines under UNIX, including VAX, SUN-3, SUN-4, Apollo, HP 9000.

If you wish to receive a longer piece of  electronic  mail  telling  you
more  about  the  Miranda  system  and  how  to  obtain  it, this can be
requested from

        INTERNET: mira-request%ukc@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk
        UUCP: mcvax!ukc!mira-request
        JANET: mira-request@ukc.ac.uk