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Re: Scheme or LISP in Smalltalk?

In article <14557@well.UUCP> frobozz@well.UUCP (Jordan Bortz) writes:
>Has anyone implemented a lisp or schme in Smalltalk?
>How hard would it be to handle local variable bindings?
>	Jordan
>*  Jordan A. Bortz, Higher Level Software, Santa Cruz, CA             *
>*  well!frobozz frobozz@well.sf.ca.us   408 - 476 - 8464              *

I'm not sure about a lisp or a scheme, but
as to the question of local variable bindings ---

I have seen an addition to smalltalk workspaces, that
allowed for the creation and the persistent existence of variables
that were local to the workspace. When the workspace is remove the
variables go away. I'm not sure how close that is to what
you are talking about but this was implemented using a dictionary
in the workspace to keep track of local variables.