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Scheme to Commonlisp

   Date: Wed, 08 Nov 89 12:38:51 +0000
   From: Simon Ross <S.Ross@cs.ucl.ac.uk>

   Does anyone have any advice or experience with converting a
   program in Scheme to CommonLisp (in this case Texas Instruments
   Scheme and Vax Commonlisp)? If there is some nifty program out
   there that could do the job?

An old version of Pseudoscheme comes with the official VAX LISP
distribution from DEC; see the LISP$EXAMPLES directory.  It lets you
run Scheme code in Common Lisp, but doesn't include a file translator.
You can get a newer version of Pseudoscheme that does include a file
translator by anonymous ftp from
zurich.ai.mit.edu:/pub/pseudo/pseudo-2-7.tar.  Documentation is in
file README.  Upward continuations and true tail recursion aren't
supported, but it does turn appropriately written Scheme loops into
Common Lisp PROG forms.

If you want true tail recursion or upward continuations, your task is
much more difficult.