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Re: Looking for "literate programming" tools for Scheme/LISP

In article <SRA.89Oct22205835@alonzo.ecs.soton.ac.uk> sra@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Stephen Adams) writes:
  >> I think that a full-blown WEB equivalent for lisp is a waste of time.
  >> Much of what WEB offers is there to circumvent weaknesses in the host
  >> language.  Many lisp programs are declaration order independent (or
  >> should be if you want to compile them).  If you want to refine
  >> something later functions and macros can be used.

I came to the same conclusion. A couple of people also mailed similar
solutions. What I'm planning on now is to create my own with texinfo.
This way, there'll be a printed document, executable code, and an
"info" version of the document. It should facilitate a nice Scheme

If anyone wants the finished product, send mail and I'll hold on to
your address. I'm not even going to guess at when I'll complete it.

Thanks very much to everyone who responded. I appreciate it.
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