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xscheme,xlisp save/restore bug?

There is a major bug in the xscheme (0.17) save/restore functions.
Since this code was adapted directly from Xlisp2.0, i'm wondering
whether there is a similar problem in Xlisp (& a fix, hopefully),
or why it isn't a problem.

i'm not sure i can characterize the bug very well (if i could i 
would be on the way to fixing it), but my guess is that it involves
the interaction of garbage collection with restore- the image is
restored in node-array order, so collectable nodes may be restored
before the symbols they are attached to; garbage collection can
be triggered by creation of nodes during the restore, and this
GC can incorrectly free some of the partially restored image.

In any case, (restore) does not work (see recent mail on comp.lang.scheme).

Thanks for any advice
jp lewis@nyit computer graphics lab
516 686 7644(evenings)