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A better, free Scheme interpreter :-)

Fools' lisp is a scheme interpreter that follows, in most cases, the
R3RS standard.  Although it is still under development, I think it is
useful as a light lisp (though it probably still has some bugs!).

One of the main features of this implementation is extensiblity.  This
is achieved through a simple object oriented approach and a simple
primitive interface.

The code seems to be fairly portable:  it works on a Sun 3 (running
either SunOS 3.x and 4.0.x), a DECstation 3100, a Sequent Symmetry,
and a VAX (running either Ultrix 3.x or BSD).

You can get your own free copy from scam.berkeley.edu ( in
the ~ftp/src/local directory via anonymous ftp.  The file is fools.tar.Z.

I welcome any suggestions or bug reports.

Thank you,
Jonathan Lee