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Journal of Functional Programming

New journal announcement:


		A new quarterly journal from Cambridge University Press


Background:   Functional Programming languages have features that make them
	      attractive for program synthesis and transformation, parallel
	      processing and novel architecture computers.  Much research is
	      being devoted to their development.  The Journal of Functional
	      Programming is a new journal, the first to be devoted to this
	      important area of computer science.

Coverage:     The Journal of Functional Programming will provide a focus for
	      papers and foster research on all aspects of the subject.  In
	      particular, the journal will cover:  New languages and extensions;
	      Reasoning, proof and program transformation; Program synthesis;
	      Implementation techniques; Type theory; Parallelism; Applications.
	      Papers on declarative languages that deal with combining
	      functional and logic languages will also be appropriate.

Frequency:    The Journal of Functional Programming will have two issues in its
	      first year (1990), each of 128 pages.  Thereafter it will appear

Readership:   1. Computer scientists in universities and research establishments.
	      2. Software engineers, including those working in parallelism.
	      3. Mathematicians working in theoretical computer science.

Submittals:   If you would like to submit a paper for possible publication
	      in the Journal of Functional Programming please send three
	      copies to one of the Editors listed below.

	      **  Papers received by October 15 will be considered for    **
	      **  publication in the first issue.  After that date the    **
	      **  papers may be considered for the first issue depending  **
	      **  on the number of submittals.                            **

Editors:      Professor R.J.M. Hughes and Dr P.L. Wadler, Department of
	      Computing Science, University of Glasgow, 14 Lilybank Gardens,
	      Glasgow G12 8RZ, UK

	      Professor P. Hudak, Department of Computer Science, Yale
	      University, Box 2158 Yale Station, New Haven, CT 06520, USA

	      Professor H. Barendregt, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Subfaculteit
	      Wiskunde, Postbus 80.010, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands

Subscription: Information about subscriptions may be obtained by writing to:

	      Journals Publicity Department
              Cambridge University Press, FREEPOST
              The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road
              Cambridge CB2 1BR, England
              (No Postage stamp needed if posted within the UK.)

              Enquiries in US & Canada should be sent to:  

              Cambridge University Press
              32 East 57th St.
              New York, NY 10022, USA