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Re: Y combinator derivation

In article <8909222102.AA19330@zurich.ai.mit.edu> markf@ZURICH.AI.MIT.EDU 
> Sometime in the middle past (i.e. more than six months ago and less
> than two years ago) someone posted a nice derivation of the Y
> combinator. He or she took a recursive definition of factorial (I
> think) and through a series of abstractions derived Y. 

This sounds suspiciously like the derivation of the applicative-order 
Y-combinator that appears in "The Little Lisper," either the trade edition 
or the third edition of which is STILL the standard way to turn someone on 
to Scheme, in my book, especially if they're not much into computer 
science (if they're already into computer science, I'll forget the quick 
kiss of "The Little Lisper" and move right on into pure seduction with 
"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.")

Just because I work for Apple Computer, Inc. doesn't mean that they 
believe what I believe or vice-versa.