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Building Scheme

Hello, I have a problem. I got a C-scheme distribution from ftp-machine
named sauna.hut.fi (in Finland). This distribution had two files, core.tar.Z
and exe-68k.tar.Z. They unpacked to directory dist-7.0, so this must be
version 7.0.

We have SUN-3 machines, so to compile scheme, I move to directory microcode
and copied file m/sun.h to m.h and file s/bsd.h to s.h (or something).

But when I typed ``make all'', I got following results:

make all
make    -f xmakefile  all
#** Generating cmp68020.s because of cmp68020.m4 cmp68020.m4
m4   cmp68020.m4 > cmp68020.s
#** Generating cmp68020.o because of cmp68020.s
as -1  -o cmp68020.o cmp68020.s
as: Unknown option '1' ignored.
as: Assembler Error-- Unrecognized address mode in:
        lea     _Registers,%a6

*** Error code 255
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `cmp68020.o'
Current working directory /pd/av/scheme/dist-7.0/microcode
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `doall'

Since I know nothing about 68020's assembly language, I turn to you. What
to do ?

Arto V. Viitanen
University Of Tampere, Department of Computer Science