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How Good Is Xscheme?


I'm doing a project in scheme (Hi, Cordy!), and in the course
of trying to keep down the long-distance-modeming (since I'm
in Naperthrill, IL right now, and the *official* scheme is back
in Ann Arbor, MI...), I ftp'ed my way around and found two scheme
systems: xscheme v.0.16, and mit-scheme, version 7.0.

NOW ... the problem is that the copy of mit-scheme which I ftp'ed
onto the sun then onto the Macintosh and then onto the UTS feels that
the *.Z file is corrupted (I couldn't uncompress them on the sun before
putting them on the Mac for transportation because the system kept running
out of disk space).  The Apollo felt the same way when I tried to uncompress
the original ftp'ed stuff from UM, which makes me wonder whether I'd
ever get mit-scheme running on the UTS to begin with.

BUT, xscheme transferred over and is presently running on the UTS here
in Naperville.  It claims to be consistent with the Reivison^3 report,
which is fine by me.  How bugfree for *regular* schemeing is it? (I,
at the moment, am not interested in its object-oriented extensions.)

Please email all comments, advice, and guidelines to here, or to
att!ihlpn!rre (or rre@ihlpn.uucp).  


 Roger Espinosa