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Texts & Dialects

     Here's the list of Scheme language texts that I have found doing
some research for a project...these are not articles in journals,
such as SIGPLAN.

     An Introduction to Scheme                
     Jerry Smith
     Prentice-Hall  1988  ISBN 0-13-496712-7

     The Scheme Programming Language          (good)
     Dybvig, R.K.
     Prentice-Hall  1987  ISBN 0-13-7918864-X

and, of course:

     Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 
     Abelson, H. & Sussman G.J.
     MIT Press  1985  ISBN  0-07-000426-9

which is really a programming text with Scheme as the language used
by the authors to implement the programming techniques they introduce.

The dialects used in each book are:

     PC-Scheme  for  Smith   (i believe)
     Chez       for  Dybvig
     MIT        for  Abelson & Sussman

and there are other dialects running around also, such as X-Scheme
C Scheme, and MacIntosh Scheme.  Plus there are probably others
that I ignore because they run on machines which, as a WPI student,
I do not have access.

Dybvig has a summary of forms (for Chez), and also states whether
or not the form is essential or optional in the "Revised^3 Report
on the Algorithmic Language Scheme". 

 Which can be found also in:

             SigPlan Notices 21, 12, December 1986
             Jonathan Rees, and William Clinger, eds.


                             the GiMP.