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         The IEEE Computer Society announces the formation of a
Task Force on Expert Systems Applications.  The purpose of the
Task Force is to support interest in the development and use of
expert systems applications.  The IEEE Computer Society, which
has over 100,000 members worldwide, authorized the creation of
the Task Force at a meeting of its Technical Activities Board
(TAB) held March 2nd in San Francisco, CA.

         The objectives of the Task Force are to improve the
abilities of organizations and individuals to work with expert
systems technologies.  The Task Force will sponsor activities at
the national and international levels, but also support local
events.  The Task Force will publish a newsletter, exchange
electronic mail, provide speakers for conferences, organize
tutorials, symposiums, and convene meetings on standards either
on its own initiative or jointly with other IEEE Computer Society

         The Importance of Expert Systems

         MIS and end users are experiencing an explosion of
interest and activity in expert systems applications in almost
all sectors of business, government, and education.  This is
taking place due to the wide distribution of expert system shells
on personal computers and workstations.  It is a remarkable
change in the field of artificial intelligence in which
developers usually rely on specialized computer platforms and
programming languages.

         Expert systems are the most mature and resilient products
to emerge from the AI community, and they are being adopted by
corporations and government departments to improve productivity.
They are doing this because the applications of expert systems to
specific knowledge intensive systems return high yields.  Success
stories for expert systems are more common now than two years
ago.  A current estimate is there are 2,000 operational expert
systems and 80% of them on running on personal computers.

         The Value of the Task Force

         The greatest value which will be derived from
participating in the Task Force will come from regular
discussions among Task Force participants.  In some ways, this
will resemble the informal interactions of a user group.  In
other ways it will compliment many of the professional activities
of the IEEE Computer Society.

       Within these broad themes, there are many diverse
interests, including business activities such as banking and
finance, manufacturing and service functions, medical practice,
government functions, including the military, and education.
These interests will be addressed through locally sponsored and
nationally significant activities including conferences,
workshops, lectures, a newsletter, and other appropriate


         All meetings of the Task Force are be open to the public
and will be announced ahead of time in the news media.  Anyone
who has an interest in the objectives of the Task Force is
invited to attend its functions and participate in its
activities.  Membership in the IEEE Computer Society is not
required to attend our meetings.  Since the Task Force is
oriented toward development and use of expert systems
applications, we expect and encourage the interest of vendors of
computer hardware, software, and services.  Future activities of
the Task Force will be developed consistent with the goals and
objectives of the IEEE Computer Society.

         For additional information, call Dan Yurman, Chairman, at
202-475-6754 9-5 EST. MCI Mail: 364-1277

Mailing address:
Task Force on Expert Systems
c/o TAB Coordinator
IEEE Computer Society
1730 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036.

                             IEEE Computer Society
                         Task Force on Expert Systems

                            Roles & Responsibilities

         Chair: This role is responsible for leadership and
technical direction of the Task Force.  The Chair maintains the
vitality of the group by coordinating activities such as
speakers, seminars, conferences, workshops, tutorials, workgroups
on standards, and communications with members including
newsletters and electronic mail.  The Chair appoints the other
leadership figures of the Task Force.

Dan Yurman, Chairman

                   Information Management Staff
                   Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response
                   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                   401 M St., SW; (OS-110)
                   Washington, DC 20460         202-475-6754

        Vice-Chairs: The Chair appoints Vice-Chairs for the
purpose of carrying out functions of the Task Force.  All Vice
Chairs receive logistical support from the IEEE Computer
Society's administration office which is located in Washington,
DC.  Vice-Chairs are responsible for recruiting volunteers to
carry out their responsibilities.  Vice-Chairs are delegated the
authority to appoint such committee chairs as may be needed, e.g.
newsletter editor, workshop convener, etc.

         Communications: Responsible for all communications with
members, the public, and other professional societies.  Develops
and publishes a newsletter, establishes electronic mail exchange,
and sustains publicity for Task Force Events.  Keeps a record of
all meetings.  Serves as a point of contact with IEEE Expert
magazine and IEEE Computer magazine.

Sandra Hoffman, Vice Chair for Communications

                   Systems Analyst
                   Congressional Budget Office
                   2nd & D, SW; Room 450
                   Washington, DC 20515         202-226-2886

         Meetings: Responsible for developing a program of
meetings featuring speakers on topics of interest to the
membership.  Works with other Vice- Chairs to handle local
arrangements.  Establishes working groups for tutorials and
seminars on significant topics.

Randy Manner, Vice Chair for Meetings

                   Manager - Expert Systems Group
                   American Management Systems
                   1777 N. Kent St.
                   Arlington, VA 22209          703-841-6849

         Conferences: This Vice-Chair has a liaison role for the
IEEE Computer Society "Expert Systems in Government" Conference,
and for other IEEE Computer Society conferences which emphasize
applications of artificial intelligence and expert systems.
Also, this Vice Chair is responsible for coordinating the working
relationship of the Task Force with conferences on expert systems
sponsored by other professional societies.

Jerry Feinstein, Vice Chair for Conferences

                   Vice President
                   Phase-Linear Systems/ICF
                   9300 Lee Highway
                   Fairfax, VA 22031            703-934-3280

         Standards: Develops working groups composed of users,
industry, and academia to address issues related to hardware or
software standards for expert systems applications.

Captain Dave Howell, Vice Chair for Standards

                   Artificial Intelligence
                   Program Management Office
                   U.S. Air Force Logistics Command
                   HQ AFLC/MM-AI
                   Wright Patterson AFB,
                   Ohio 45433                   513-257-2571

         Industry Relations: Establishes and maintains
communications with hardware and software vendors, developers,
and other commercial as well as not-for-profit providers of
expert systems applications.  Provides for demonstration or
poster sessions on the latest technological developments.

Joseph Schmuller, Vice Chair for Industry Relations

                   Senior Knowledge Engineer
                   CDM Federal Programs Corp.
                   13135 Lee Jackson Highway
                   Fairfax, VA 22033            703-968-0900

         Treasurer: Responsible for keeping track of Task Force
finances, for fund raising including setting up a means to cover
costs, and solicitations of "in kind" contributions.


         Membership: Responsible for developing and implementing
a membership recruitment campaign for the Task Force working at
the national level.  Works with other Vice-Chairs to carry out
these functions.  Establishes and maintains liaison with IEEE
Computer Society Chapters and Area Activities Boards as well as
other Task Forces and Technical Committees.


Task Force on Expert Systems
c/o TAB Coordinator
IEEE Computer Society
1730 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
                Membership Mailing List and Activity Preference
                   NOTE: If you can't wait for the mail,
                   call a Vice Chair and volunteer today!

Please complete this form and return it to:

         Dan Yurman, Chair
         Task Force on Expert Systems
         c/o US EPA (OS-110)
         401 M St., SW
         Washington, DC 20460

         Ph: 202-475-6754

         Please provide any suggestions or comments in the margins of the
paper.  Thank you.







State: ______  ZIP:__________

Daytime Phone: ______ ______  ____________

Electronic mail:_____________________________________________

         Please indicate the activities you would like to
volunteer your time and talents.  You will be contacted soon.
You do not have to be a member of the IEEE Computer Society to
participate in the activities of the Task Force on Expert
Systems.  At this time there is no charge to be placed on our
mailing list.  Within the next six months there may be a nominal
dues charge to continue to receive these materials.