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Draft agenda for 3rd IEEE Scheme standard meeting

A draft agenda follows for third meeting of the Scheme Working Group,
July 7th, 9:30am-5pm, Cambridge, MIT (room to be announced soon).
Suggestions for other agenda items are welcome.

1. Approve agenda.

2. Elect secretary.

3. Approve minutes of second meeting.
4. Discuss the numbers section of the standard draft.

5. Discuss proposals for differences between R4RS and the standard.

6. Discuss liaison with ISO WG-16.  The question is whether we want to
   formally submit a draft of our standard to the International
   Standards Organization Lisp Working Group so that they may consider
   the possibility of adopting our standard as an ISO standard.  If we
   decide to to submit, we must also draft an accompanying statement.

7. Establish time and place of next meeting.