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Re: Looking for R*RS and XScheme source by ftp

In article <8271@batcomputer.tn.cornell.edu> lacey@tcgould.tn.cornell.edu (John Lacey) writes:
> if anyone knows of another free Scheme implementation, I would like
> to hear about it.

I'm going to send the sources of a Scheme interpreter to comp.sources.unix
next week.  You can expect it to be posted by Rich Salz in about 4 weeks.

The interpreter is R^3RS compatible, includes interfaces to the Xlib,
to Xt, and to the Athena and HP widget libraries of X11R3.  It was
written to be used as an general extension language interpreter (to be
linked into an application); it is also useful as a stand-alone
implementation of Scheme.

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