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On "long" simulation runs (20+ minutes on a 12mHz 286 with LIM 4.0 EMS...)
using PCSEXP, the _expanded memory_ version of Texas Instrument's
PC-Scheme, I apparently run low on space, the gc starts thrashing around,
and finally I get a Scheme reset because the system is out of space.

Problem is, I can't find anywhere near enough current structures to
fill memory.  Moreover, (freesp) returns 400K + of memory, then if I
invoke (freesp) again (or anything else...) it triggers another gc
and sometimes another Scheme reset.  I don't have the problem when I
use PCSEXT and jumper my expanded memory to act like extended.  Looks
like (freesp) can see a big chunk of free space, but the gc isn't
adding it to the free list.

Anyone else had this problem with PCSEXP?  Anyone have any workaround
suggestions?  Tnx.  -B
  "Simulate it in ROSS"
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