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Re: Location of Scheme -- Again...

The XBBS site !alphacom at (714) 898-8634 does quite a good job
archiving a lot to stuff that comes across USENET.  I have a
current listing of the files on alphacom and both scheme and xscheme
are there.

All the files are:

	XSCHEME.ARC	- Executables and docs
	XSCHSRC.ARC	- Sources in C

	schdoc.tar	- Documentation for scheme
	schsrc.tar.Z-a	- Piece 1 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)
	schsrc.tar.Z-b	- Piece 2 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)
	schsrc.tar.Z-c	- Piece 3 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)
	schsrc.tar.Z-d	- Piece 4 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)
	schsrc.tar.Z-e	- Piece 5 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)
	schsrc.tar.Z-f	- Piece 6 of schsrc.tar.Z (source)

	ckecksum.all.Z	- The CHECKSUM for all the scheme files


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