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Location of Scheme -- Again...

I wish to thank all of you who replied to my initial query and I'd
like to clarify some of the information that has been sent to me...
Okay, prep.ai.mit.edu isn't gone, but it certainly was not replaced
completely.  The scheme distribution id is no longer functioning (it
wasn't such a good idea really anyway...) and there is no trace of
scheme anywhere in the public directories.

I was also pointed to wheaties.ai.mit.edu, and I don't see the dist
there, but some scheme code for labs for a class perhaps?

The one place that I did find it was at zurich.ai.mit.edu, but have so
far been unsuccessful at retrieving it.  The poor little HP9000
doesn't really like to have it's ftpd work that hard...

Any other sites that I can try at 3:30AM?


Micky Liu

  arpa: micky@cunixc.cc.columbia.edu
  uucp: ...!rutgers!columbia!cunixc!micky
bitnet: malua@cuvmc