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scoops & xscheme


   I've posted a request for scoops sources to this list recently.  I read  a
redistribution of this list from a machine in Finland which apparently missed
the digests 108 - 113 and 115.  Since I can't find them in the archives there
I don't know if anyone answered my query and so I need to repeat my question.
If there are  no news about  scoops maybe somebody  could send the  digests I
missed anyway.

   Something else:  since some weeks I use XScheme and I had similar problems
as Marc Craig Carroll (Digest #118), and others:

        XScheme - Version 0.16

        > (define env (let ((var1 1)) (the-environment)))
        > (environment-bindings env)
        ((var1 . 1))
        > (eval '(define var2 2) env)
        > (environment-bindings env)
        ((var1 . 1))
        > var2
        > (environment-bindings (the-environment))

   When  I  look  how  environments  are  implemented  I  can understand this
behaviour  but  is  this  still  Scheme?    Nevertheless  I  find  XScheme an
interesting implementation which is particulary  useful for me because I  can
easily entend it (I use it for controlling a DSP to do sound processing).   I
would like to  get in touch  with other people  using XScheme so  that we can
exchange bug fixes  (I fixed some  weird ones already)  and communicate about
and coordinate further development.  I  tried to reach David Betz but  didn't
succeed   yet   (is   this   still   the   address   where   to   reach  him:
'zinn!mispmag!dbetz@decvax.dec.com' ?  -  if you are listening  David, please
contact me!!!)  I  am ready to organize  (moderate) something like a  XScheme
users group - who is interested and could give me some hints how to do it?

Regards, Gerhard

: Gerhard ECKEL               c/o  Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dept. Sound :
: Hernalser Haupstrasse 164/17 :   Liebiggasse 5, A-1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA     :
: A-1170 Vienna, AUSTRIA       :   Tel.: +43 222 43 00 27 30                 :
: Tel.: +43 222 46 10 404      :   E-mail: V4110DAA@AWIUNI11.BITNET          :

P.S.: for scoops, remember: I've no access to ftp ...