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Re: Is there TeX on Symbolics?

The AIC at SRI is running TeX on the Symbolics (without Symbolics's Pascal
software).  The ability to do so is based upon work by another person at
another organization.  (I am sending him a blind CC of this message but am
not going to give out his name to the whole list so he won't be swamped by
people asking him questions.  If he wishes to name himself, then he can.)

We have improved upon the original code we got so that my timing runs of
TeX indicate it to take 5x as long as on an unloaded 2060, 1.8x as long as
on our Vax 780, and about the same speed as our Vax 750.  Considering that
the speed on the Lispm is constant and that we rarely see unloaded situations
on those machines, the speed is acceptable.

What makes it more than acceptable is our DVI previewer (which I wrote).  Our
people seem to really like it.

We also support sending DVI output to Imagen printers.  I have not yet
investigated sending output to Symbolics LGP2.

Currently we are beginning negotiations to see how to distribute this
software.  If any readers have constructive suggestions on who should
distribute it, please let me know.