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Incremental Backups

    Date: Tue, 18 Mar 86 17:02:54 PST
    From: luria@dali.berkeley.edu (Marc Luria)
    Message-Id: <8603190102.AA21137@dali.berkeley.edu>
    To: slug@r20.utexas.edu
    Subject: Incremental Backups

    We'd like to be able to do incremental backups of our 3600's
    automatically.  I mean, we'd like to be able to have the machine do it
    every few nights on to the same tape.  There are two problems with doing this
    The first is that you can't append to a cartridge tape.   We'd like to just leave the same
    cartridge tape in and append the files that are changed.  Secondly, we don't
    have the sources to the incremental backup stuff, so I can't put a
    function into the timer queue.  Any one else done something similar?

Well, sorry, but you still can't append to cart. tape. However, if you
are under software contract or warranty, you will receive a HOSS
bulletin in early April, telling you how to call the dumper and reloader
from Lisp. It will also list some newly recategorized source files to be
available on a supplementary source tape in April, two of which are
sys:lmfs;reloader and sys:lmfs;dumper which should contain the code you

	Jody Hukee, Symbolics Home Office Software Support