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Re: Question on Secure Subnets

In fact we do have secure host feature.  It is a trivial hack.  Just enter
the host number rather than a subnet number.

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Zetalisp; Package: TCP; Base: 10; Patch-file: T -*-
;;; Reason: Function TCP::IP-HOST-TRUSTED-P:  Fix to specify individual hosts to be secure as opposed to just subnets.
;;; Written by Tyson, 4/19/85 13:16:00

; From file ip-global.lisp >sys6>ip-tcp L: (169)
(defun ip-host-trusted-p (network address)
  (let ((secure-subnets (assq network (send net:*local-site* :get :secure-subnets))))
    (if secure-subnets
	(not (null (or (member (unparse-internet-address (internet-subnet-number address))
			       (second secure-subnets))
		       (member (unparse-internet-address address)	;Allow user to specify a particular host
			       (second secure-subnets)))))		;as a secure "subnet"