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Symbolics Spacewars?

    Date:  Sat, 12 Apr 86 03:11 CST
    From:  Jerry Bakin <Bakin@HI-MULTICS.ARPA>

    The question is, does anyone have any leads to the game this font was
    clearly built for?

I too have a pretty good spacewar game that I'm happy to give away.
It has gravity wells, asteroids, robot ships and the like.

However, how do I go about doing this?  It seems silly to me to
advertise games like this over and over again on this mailing list.
On the other hand, there's got to be a way for people to find out
about interesting software for the 3600's and this list seems to be

Is there a central repository of useful programs somewhere that I
could add my program to together with a short documentation file?
If so, I could then post the documentation file to the list once as
an announcement of the program's existence.

- Mark