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national symposium registration (reposting)

Due to an out-of-date mailer table, some hosts (such as SCRC) did not receive
the following:

Registration materials are now available to the National Symposium of the
Symbolics LISP Users Group, to be held June 2-6, 1986 at Georgetown
University in Washington, DC.  Both tutorials (June 2-3) and technical
sessions (June 4-6) will be held. The theme of this year's Symposium is
"Symbolics Programming in Style".  Many interesting and exciting guests are
expected.  Registration materials and housing information can be obtained via
telephone or US mail to:
	Symbolics National Symposium
	Attn: Annmarie Pittman
	655 15th St. NW #300
	Washington, DC 20005
	(202) 639-4228
Those who earlier sent in a mailing list form should receive the materials
almost immediately.