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latest Dialnet status

The general user community might be interested that many LISPM sites are now
talking via Dialnet. I have been collecting site information for the User
Group Dialnet Registry, and have quite a growing list:

Advanced Decision Systems (Washington, DC area)
Arthur Andersen (Chicago)
Bitstream (Cambridge)
Defense Research Establishment Atlantic (Nova Scotia)
NASA (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)
National Bureau of Standards (Gaithersburg, Maryland)
Symbolics, Austin
Symbolics, Cambridge
Symbolics, Canada
Symbolics, Chicago (?)
Symbolics, Florida

Several other sites are working on it:
Varian; Hewlett-Packard; McDonnell Douglas; TRW; ETL; and Symbolics, Virginia

Other folks who are interested in exchanging mail, code, bug reports, etc.
from LISPM to LISPM feel free to reach me at (703) 243-1611 or get together
at the National Symposium.

Mark Grover
Advanced Decision Systems
Arlington, Virginia